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In a nutshell, the vision for rubynet is to create a command line and online tool that allows for multi-lingual access to search, download, and query ruby packages. More specifically, some of the project goals are to:

  1. Create an online community aimed at allowing rubyists to securely search, download, compile, and query ruby modules.
  2. Create a CLI that will let you, if you have a net connection, browse rubynet (via XML/REST) and query rubynet interactively (prefer to conserve bandwidth over CPU: CPU architecture problems can be scaled/solved).
  3. rubynet, like CPAN, provides a programmatic API for downloading, updating, and compiling, ruby packages.
  4. rubynet places a higher degree of need and importance on back-end database (client side databases formats such as cdb are compiled and pushed out/made available).
  5. rubynet will use the reflection API to expose all methods, classes, variables, etc. to the rubydoc project so that all modules are available for user review.
  6. The online forum will have user accounts and watches to allow people to track modules and releases changes.

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